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My husband and I were blessed with our dream home in May of 2018. The blessing kept coming when we brought home our little boy, Henry in March of 2019.

Motherhood...with the greatest gift came the greatest uncertainties. Second guessing myself at everything that came to caring for Henry. Henry has eczema, and it quickly became a frustrating situation. I wanted to do everything I could to make him feel better, but quickly realized that I did not feel comfortable with all the steroids and other modern medicine that was suggested.

This began the journey to Henry's Homestead. I began researching safe and natural ways to help Henry. Simplifying the ingredients meant no more uncertainties. I didn't have to wonder what was in the products, I knew they were clean, simple, and safe.

At first I was just making my products for my family, then I began making extra for gifts. People started coming back for more, telling me they were amazed at how well they worked and what a relief it was to be using products they knew were safe.

It's in my nature to want to nurture and help, which is probably why God has called me to be a nurse. I can't ignore the calling that has been placed on my heart to help others through my passions.

Finding the peace and reassuring confidence by taking a natural approach, is a gift I want to share with all of you!

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